My name is Anastasia Sukhorukova. I am a certified psychologist, psychotherapist in Kiev and online. I work in two psychotherapeutic approaches - transactional analysis and integrative psychotherapy by Richard Erskine. The first direction is a clear structure and language that you, the client, understand. This is important so that you can take your work tools with you from your office into real life. The second method is warmth and soulfulness in contact with a specialist. An important sense of the presence of someone who understands you and believes you. Healing is impossible if there is no contact.

Requests I am contacted

I will tell you a few typical “symptoms” for my clients.

Mark yourself those that are familiar to you.

  • the feeling "something is not right with me";
  • constant fear that you will always be alone;
  • You are constantly scared that you will be abandoned due to the fact that you “do not hold out”;
  • constant fierce internal criticism;
  • “If something good happens, there will be retribution for it, it’s an accident”;
  • life is full of painful difficult events, but this is the norm for you;
  • There is violence in your story, but you don’t think it is so important;
  • You often wake up in an anxious and stressed state;
  • You are successful at work and unsuccessful in a relationship;
  • You often get confused about people - you need them and push them away at the same time;
  • Your body is often and incomprehensibly sick;
  • you have panic attacks.

If you find at least 3 familiar conditions - you are my client. 

I am familiar with life with each of these symptoms. I was able to handle this in my wild psychotherapy. I managed not only to learn how to treat these symptoms, but also to develop an effective treatment program.

After preliminary psychodiagnostics, we will discuss the plan together and begin to change your life.

How can I help you?

As I wrote, I really understand what it is like to live in such a state. In addition, I have studied for over 10 years and continue to replenish my work skills. Therefore, I can guide you along this path. 

In my work, I set myself three clear tasks:


1. Remove anxiety and remove panic attacks and other "acute" symptoms. To make it easier here and now.
2. Work through past traumatic experiences so that they no longer affect your life and relationships.
3. Through a therapeutic relationship, give you the experience and the opportunity to feel comfortable in your relationships with other people.

If you are over 16 years old and you would like to become my client and change your life, finally - then I suggest you make an appointment.